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Tabletop Gaming on
Thanksgiving Weekend

Nov. 28 - Dec 1, 2024
Burlingame Hyatt Regency SFO

Our recipe for fun has changed! There is no longer an admission fee!

After your Thursday feast with family...
GobbleCon invites you to bring your family
and gorge on a gluttonous serving of games!
Click HERE to learn what's changed!


Family Fun Weekend

From 4pm Thanksgiving Day, Nov 28th, 2024 through 10pm Sunday Dec. 1st, 2024, bring the family to play some games! After feasting on Thursday, the rest of the holiday weekend is perfect for doing fun things with family. Instead (or in addition to) a movie, picnic, etc... come join us!

From the team that brought you KublaCon

While GobbleCon may be a freshly prepared serving of games, the chefs behind this feast have been cooking up fun for over 20 years. We care about your experience and your fun!

World Class Hotel Accomodations

The Hyatt Regency, Burlingame, has played host to tens of thousands of gamers over the years. They're excited to support family gaming on Thanksgiving weekend, and are offering a discount hotel rate - which will BE your admission


Bring your favorite Tabletop games to play in our large gaming space at the Hyatt. This will include the entire Cypress room, the foyer in front of that, and the "overpass" area just next to that. This is the same area where the boardgame library and open gaming has been previously

FREE weekend admission!

To attend, you'll need to book a minimum of 2 room nights that they Hyatt. Your 2 nights qualifies up to 2 people for free admission.

We still love families!

For families with up to 2 children, the entire family will qualify for free admission with 2 booked room nights.

There's NO OTHER way to purchase a pass!

Only by booking 2 room nights can you gain admission. There will be no option to pay for a single day or weekend pass.

Some things have changed from our previous years

We have scaled down our event to be primarily an open gaming event. Visit our "Registration Page Here" to learn more.

We're keeping the flock together!

Rather than just cancel our event, we've created this scaled down version to still provide folks with a fun filled gaming escape on Thanksgiving weekend.

Start Planning your Fun!

Book your room to secure your admission!

Use the info you need below to find all the ingredients you'll need to cook up a fun weekend for you, your family and friends.