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Tabletop Gaming on
Thanksgiving Weekend

Nov. 25-27, 2022
Burlingame Hyatt Regency SFO

Your recipe for fun!

After your Thursday feast with family...
GobbleCon invites you to bring your family
and gorge on a gluttonous serving of games!
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Family Fun Weekend

From 10am Friday Nov. 25th through 5pm Sunday Nov. 27th, 2022, bring the family to play some games! After feasting on Thursday, the rest of the holiday weekend is perfect for doing fun things with family. Instead (or in addition to) a movie, picnic, etc... come join us!

From the team that brought you KublaCon

While GobbleCon may be a freshly prepared serving of games, the chefs behind this feast have been cooking up fun for over 20 years. We care about your experience and your fun!

World Class Hotel Accomodations

The Hyatt Regency, Burlingame, has played host to tens of thousands of gamers over the years. They're excited to support family gaming on Thanksgiving weekend, and are offering a discount hotel rate so you can game into the wee hours of the morning, and then catch some sleep before returning to a place at the table.

Hundreds of Board Games

Over the years, the KublaCon team has been amassing a library of modern and classic games, and we'll have those available for our GobbleCon guests! We'll also present a mix of 'giant' classic games to enjoy.

Roleplaying Games too!

We'll have organized play groups, such as D&D Adventurers League, running easy to jump-into RPG events. Grab some friends and dice and the Organized Play folks will help you get into or start a fun game.

Open Gaming! Share your favorite games!

Bring and share your favorite games whether they're card games or Miniatures. Got the latest game hot off the shelves? Come play it at GobbleCon!

Great feasting halls of gaming!

They Hyatt is reserving over 10,000 square feet of their recently remodeled convention halls. We'll have ample space filled with round tables, rectangles, and open areas to accomodate all different types of games.

FREE Child in tow!

"Poult" is the name for baby turkeys! We'd love to see a flock of Poults at GobbleCon joining the family for our feast of games for FREE! For every PAID admission, you may join us with your UNDER 10 YEAR old child for free. A minimum service fee applies

And more!

We'll constantly be looking for ways to help make GobbleCon your go-to place for Thanksgiving weekend. As we grow, so will our focus, space, and opportunities for fun.

Start Planning your Fun!

Register, book your room, and plan your games!

Use the info you need below to find all the ingredients you'll need to cook up a fun weekend for you, your family and friends.