GobbleCon Registration

Cook up your plans for a feast of games!

Registering or Hosting at GobbleCon

Early-registration pricing, plus discounted hosting slots.

    In order to join in all the fun at GobbleCon, you'll need to purchase either a day or weekend pass. Guests can 'Pre-Register' by purchasing weekend passes online before the show. Pre-registering saves you money because of our 'early-bird' discounts and it saves you time with typically shorter and faster registration lines!
    GobbleCon uses an online ticketing agency called Tabletop.events. This helps us more easily - and accurately - track/confirm your registration(s). Tabletop.events adds fees to each paid ticket. These fees support GobbleCon as they are fees we would otherwise have to pay.


  • Most people will choose the "Weekend Pass" to register for the entire weekend. This gives you admission from 10am Friday until closing at 5pm on Sunday.

  • For those who want to save money, or just help out, there is also a "Host Pass" that provides a weekend pass but requires you to commit to a short (usually 4 hour) shift helping run the convention.
    We describe the host pass in detail on our hosting page.

  • FREE! "Child in Tow" pass - For every PAID admission, you may join us with your UNDER 10 YEAR old child for free. Children must be supervised by their adult guardians - there is NO childcare or monitored young player's area. There is a limit of ONE free pass for every PAID pass, and additional "Child in Tow" guests who don't have a matching paid/supervising guest will need to pay the standard admission. The paid corresponding guest does not need to be a legal guardian, but they must be at least 12 years old, and be physically, emotionally and mentally capable of attending to the supervision of the Child in Tow. You may 'purchase' this free pass from our registration page.



Weekend Pass
Child in Tow Pass

Entrance to GobbleCon - enjoy 56 hours of open and scheduled games.

$40 Plus Fees


Host Pass 4hrs

Entrance to GobbleCon. Requires commitment to complete time slot purchased, such as 'Friday 4pm-8pm'. Save $30 on regular pass. You do NOT get refunded after completing your slot.