About GobbleCon

What, why, when and where!

Fun Facts

Lots of space for year one!

The newly remodelled Hyatt has transformed areas of the Atrium level into 2 new ballrooms. We've got a total of over 12,000 square feet of gaming space in the new Sequoia and Cypress rooms.

Hyatt is home until 2018

GobbleCon's and Hyatt's partnership to create a go-to gaming event over Thanksgiving covers 3 years, 2016 thru 2018.

The future is in our claws... er... hands.

Early registration, room bookings and final attendance numbers will help determine both the scope and longevity of GobbleCon. Depending on these factors, we may be able to secure more space as early as 2016. Likewise, attendance will help determine contract details going forward after 2018.

A message from our founder...

In the summer of 2015 a conversation between a friend and I about the state of Bay Area game conventions produced a mutual sentiment: we both wished there was a convention on Thanksgiving weekend.

It was our shared experience that, after spending Thursday with friends or family, we'd head into a holiday weekend without much to do.

Neither of us were into the typical "Black Friday" ritual to consider it something that required a day of attention. And while a good movie outing would usually be on the agenda, it wasn't enough to take up 3 days of post Turkey-day festivities. And somehow... in those moments of imagining our ideal gaming weekend... the name GobbleCon popped into my head. I couldn't resist!

Now, as the Executive Producer of KublaCon, on many occasions I've been asked if I have plans to produce another event. My conistent answer was that KublaCon takes a LOT of time and energy, and after it's done, I'm ready for a break. But, as it turns out, Thanksgiving weekend falls almost exactly 6 months after KublaCon.

Would a 6 month break be enough? As we contemplated the format for GobbleCon, we decided that if we kept it less complex and more streamlined, while at the same time focusing on how to keep the fun, folks might want to come and celebrate their holiday with some gaming.

We understood that, on Thanksgiving, GobbleCon might not be a 'destination' for many gamers, because for the most part, family is the destination. But we also considered that many people have already traveled... some have traveled AWAY... while others have traveld TO the Bay Area to be with family and friends. It's those families who have come together that we hope will find great joy in taking either a day outing, or an overnight adventure, to the gorgeous Hyatt Regency to immerse themselves into some festive gaming.

When we pitched our idea to the Hyatt in 2015 to be the host for GobbleCon, we impressed upon them the need to have them partner with us in terms of overhead and risk. A thanksgiving convention is an unknown factor, and while our highest hopes imagine people will want to come, our practical side understands the uncertainty. The team at the Hyatt came through with flying colors, intrigued by the possibilities, yet understanding the risks. They offered us a contract to host GobbleCon that gives our guests a well discounted rate, but also limits our risk on a weekend where most folks may be commuting from home rather than staying at the hotel. They've always loved hosting KublaCon, and are now partnered with us to help GobbleCon grow year after year.

GobbleCon has been in the works since mid 2015... and we're excited to bring you our plans for a festive, family, fun weekend. We hope you can join us!

Our Motto...

These concepts drive our focus to create a great event.



Words that are synonomous with 'festive' include: jolly, merry, joyous, joyful, happy, jovial, lighthearted, cheerful, jubilant, convivial, high-spirited, mirthful, uproarious. We love the idea of coming together as the winter holidays begin and celebrating all things festive!



Certainly, 'family' includes those we are related to... children, parents, etc. But it's our belief that family takes many forms. For events like KublaCon and GobbleCon, our extended family of gamers are like-minded people who we see year after year. We'd love for you to become part of our new, and growing, GobbleCon family.



Our goal is to find the fun in all that we do. Whether making plans to create a great event, or actually working long hours at the show, fun is the guiding star by which we set our compass.