About the NEW GobbleCon

What, why, when and where!

Fun Facts

Admission is FREE*

*Your two night stay at the Hyatt is your admission.

Hyatt is home still in 2024

GobbleCon and the Hyatt have worked together to create this new model for our weekend event.

The future is in our claws... er... hands.

Our room pickup - the number of rooms that people book to stay at the Hyatt - will determine the scope of future GobbleCons.

A message from our founder...

In the summer of 2015 a conversation between a friend and I about the state of Bay Area game conventions produced a mutual sentiment: we both wished there was a convention on Thanksgiving weekend.

And since 2016, we have been producing our small, cozy, Thanksgiving weekend gaming event.

But things change.

After 7 years of creating a gobblicious event, the producers were ready to wind down the time, expense and and inherint risk it takes to produce a game convention.

We were ready to call it quits... but...

We love playing games on this weekend!

To that end, we looked into how we could still provide a safe and fun place for people to gather, while at the same time address our need for change.

With the help of the Hyatt Regency... this newest "No admission Fees" model is the result of that effort.

Check out our updated, simpler, website to learn how some things have stayed the same, and others have changed.

Ultimately, your stay at the Hyatt will be both your admission, and your support for future GobbleCons!

Our Motto...

These concepts drive our focus to create a great event.



Words that are synonomous with 'festive' include: jolly, merry, joyous, joyful, happy, jovial, lighthearted, cheerful, jubilant, convivial, high-spirited, mirthful, uproarious. We love the idea of coming together as the winter holidays begin and celebrating all things festive!



Certainly, 'family' includes those we are related to... children, parents, etc. But it's our belief that family takes many forms. For events like KublaCon and GobbleCon, our extended family of gamers are like-minded people who we see year after year. We'd love for you to become part of our new, and growing, GobbleCon family.



Our goal is to find the fun in all that we do. Whether making plans to create a great event, or actually working long hours at the show, fun is the guiding star by which we set our compass.