It takes a village: Helping out as a Host

Schedule a game to run!

By moving our ticketing service from Eventbrite to Tabletop(dot)Events, we can now take GM submissions!

There is NO FREE BADGE to run a game, but if you'd like to schedule your favorite game to play (and maybe teach others) you can do it now!

By scheduling your game, attendees will be able to 'sign up' (buy 'free' tickets') for your game.
You'll come to GobbleCon knowing what you'll be running and if people have signed up to play.
You'll also be able to gauge interest, which will give you a chance to propose an additional run of the game, or maybe something completely different.

We're currently still working on enabling this feature. Check back here for a link to submit an event to run.

Help create a fun and memorable weekend.

Giving back to the gaming community by helping out at a game conventino provides not only great personal satisfaction, but gives back to the hobby that we all love. GobbleCon's dozen staff members, and 40 plus weekend host slots all contribute to the creation of our event in their own ways.

GobbleCon strives to be a 'low-maintenance' event... focusing on fun and open gaming rather than a more complex (but also fun!) full featured convention with scheduled games, seminars, large tournaments etc. And to that end, we've structured our Hosting and GM needs to reflect a more streamlined event.

Instead of requesting tasks from a database, , we've created a limited number of Host slots that you can purchase at a discount! Given the 'open gaming' focus, we won't be taking GM submissions and creating specifically scheduled events.

We do, however, encourage those how love to RUN games to come to the show, find a nice table... and serve up a serving of your favorite game!

And to clarify: If you choose to Host, "Yes", you will have to purchase your hosting slot at a discount... and there will be no refunds on badges.

Signing up as a HOST

Hosts are the nuts and bolts of making the convention run. They’re the greeters in line, attendance monitors, and anything else that might help the convention run smoothly and fuel the fun.

Signing up as a host is a great way of earning convention perks. Hosts don’t need any experience at all! You’ll meet people, be a part of things, and get your weekend pass at a reduced price. We think it’s one of the best ways to hit the ground running and get to know the Con.

Here are some examples of Host tasks:
Wristband monitor
Signage setup
Signage teardown
Game Library assistant
These tasks are typically offered in 4 hour increments and are priced at a non-refundable $10 plus ticketing fees.


Currently HOST slots are disabled, but will be available closer to the convention. HOSTING SLOTS NOT YET AVAILABLE

If you don't find a slot that works for you... you can also purchase a weekend pass from the same page (at the top of all the lists)

Host slots are NON-refundable.

Here's a previous year's list of scheduled slots. The registration page will show how many are still available of each type.

Host Shift | Friday 8am - 11am | 4hrs
Host Shift | Friday 10am - 2pm | 4hrs
Host Shift | Friday 12noon - 4pm | 4hrs
Host Shift | Friday 2pm - 6pm | 4hrs
Host Shift | Friday 4pm - 8pm | 4hrs
Host Shift | Friday 6pm - 10pm | 4hrs
Host Shift | Friday 8pm - Midnight | 4hrs
Host Shift | Saturday 8am - 12noon | 4hrs
Host Shift | Saturday 10am - 2pm | 4hrs
Host Shift | Saturday 12noon - 4pm | 4hrs
Host Shift | Saturday 2pm - 6pm | 4hrs
Host Shift | Saturday 4pm - 8pm | 4hrs
Host Shift | Saturday 8pm - 12midnight | 4hrs
Host Shift | Sunday 8am - 12noon | 4hrs
Host Shift | Sunday 10am - 2pm | 4hrs
Host Shift | Sunday 12noon - 4pm | 4hrs
Host Shift | Sunday 2pm - 6pm | 4hrs
Host Shift | Sunday 4pm - 8pm | 4hrs

HOSTING Overview

Review the available slots when host slots go live.

Purchase the discounted host slot for the day and time you want.

Arrive at GobbleCon any time before your commited slot and get your wristband/admission pass.

Arrive at the registration desk 5-10 minutes before your time slot begins.

BE SURE to complete the time slot you agreed to!