Frequently Asked Questions

Questions - and answers - about what's on GobbleCon's Menu

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this going to be another KublaCon, but just with a different name?
  2. What's going to be similar to KublaCon?
  3. What's different than Kublacon?
  4. Can I volunteer? As a GM? Or Host?
  5. Will there be a YP (Kids/Teen) Room?
  6. Do I have to stay at the Hyatt? And is there a discount?
  7. What are the hours of gaming?
  8. What kinds of games will be there?
  9. Will there be dealers/vendors?
  10. What are the plans for future GobbleCons?

Answer 1:

The short answer is "No", it won't be another (or just like) KublaCon. A thanksgiving weekend convention is new territory for our team and for the Hyatt. As such, we're keeping our plans for fun simpler, and more focused. Our motto is "Festive. Family. Fun" We want to bring friends and family together in our spacious gaming areas and encourage a free-form flow of games and gaming. Answers 2 and 3 go into a bit more detail.

Answer 2:

Similarities to KublaCon include: many of the same organizing team, the same (beautiful) host hotel, the same 500+ game library to choose from, and a focus on creating a fun, safe, and playful experience.

Answer 3:

The differences between KublaCon and GobbleCon include:

Less overall space. Given the newness of GobbleCon and the Thanksgiving weekend, our expected attendance is conservatively low. While KublaCon has a total space usage of about 60,000 square feet, GobbleCon will utilize closer to 15,000sf.

We will not have 'run of house' in hotel parlance. Rather than taking over all the meeting space at the Hyatt, GobbleCon gaming and events will occur in two large ballrooms - the Sequoia and Cypress - with possible spilling over into the new atrium.

Very few events will be 'scheduled'... and nothing will be Shuffled. We may choose to organize a few smaller boardgame or CCG tournaments but open-gaming, the game library, and a small contingency of organized-play Roleplaying events will be available.

GobbleCon will not make use of an online GM/Volunteer system to handle our volunteer needs. (See Below)

GobbleCon is shorter in length than KublaCon. GobbleCon's scheduled start time of 10am on Friday, ending at 5pm on Sunday brings the total gaming hours to 56. KublaCon runs about 76 hours.

Answer 4:

GobbleCon will definitely need 'hosts'. We're offering discounted admission that allows you to select the exact host shift you'd like. See our Volunteer page for more info.

Answer 5:

While we are happy to host young players of all ages (with parent supervision), we will NOT be providing a dedicated supervised children's or teen's gaming area.We've also instituted a FREE child in tow pass for guardians registering with a child under 10 years old. See our Registration page for details.

Answer 6:

Like most event organizers, we cover many of our expenses by selling a minimum number of hotel rooms at the event's host hotel. While it is helpful to us, and while we encourage our guests to stay at the hotel for the most immersive fun, you do NOT have to stay at the hotel to be a GobbleCon attendee.

Answer 7:

GobbleCon starts at 10am on Friday of Thanksgiving weekend, and ends at 5pm on Sunday. Our gaming areas will be open 24/7 for that period. So you can basically game all day/night. We 'will' have specific hours for the game library and registration. We plan to allow attendees to check out games from the library and keep them overnight, returning them the next morning.

Answer 8:

The 'kinds' of games available will be dependent on what our attendees choose to play, or run, at GobbleCon. We expect that primarily this will be board games and card games (including CCGs). We also expect that some attendees may choose to run pickup RPG's or even Miniatures. It's less likely that Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) will be available as a pickup game, though those interested in running an organized LARP can contact us to consider making a LARP one of our (few) scheduled games. Also, organized RPG play, such as the Adventurers Guild will be in attendance running easy-to-signup for games.

Answer 9:

For our first year, we don't plan to have dealers/vendors. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that Thanksgiving is a BIG retail weekend for game stores and it keeps them pretty busy IN their stores. We 'do' plan to have a Flea Market on Saturday night. The flea market is a great opportunity to clear out the shelves for new games as a vendor, or pick up some great games to play on a cold winter night!

Answer 10:

GobbleCon has contracted with the Hyatt to occur on Thanksgiving weekend through 2018. Both the Hyatt and the GobbleCon team have high hopes of creating a go-to family event. Our success will help determine the future of GobbleCon, including extending the contract for additional years... and expanding the scope of our gaming to include more scheduled events that cover specific categories such as LARPS and Historicals.